Saturday, December 19, 2015

Austin Escorts - Big Boobs?

Mainstream Media likes to portray high-class female escorts as high-priced prostitutes. Well, that’s a very big myth, and it just shows the narrow mindedness of these mainstream media’s so-called “Journalists.” These people are not real “Journalists”, these guys only like to exaggerate facts in a way so as to increase the popularity of themselves and their so called channels.

We are in the escort industry for over two decades and what we’ve seen is, it’s one of the most difficult jobs to become a female escort, no matter how beautiful or how great your bedroom skills are. Mark these words of mine “Escorting is not prostitution! Escorts in Austin are not even limited to companionship! “

A female escort is a well-educated, classy, sophisticated, intelligent, fun-loving lady who knows how hard it’s in the current times for a man to be happy. And these ladies love real men. They don’t do this for the sake of money only. These ladies want to have a relationship with different men of their kind with no strings attached.
One Common Question asked to all the Escort Agencies by different prospects and others.
Many people ask us this question over the phone and in person – “If an escort is already well-off and does this job for fun and not for the money, then why do these ladies charge up to $2000 an hour sometimes?”

We find this question very interesting and valid. And the answer to this question is simple, the ladies that work with us (Escorts), want to make sure that the client who is booking her is as educated, well-mannered, sophisticated and experienced as herself. No escort would ever like to visit a hoodlum or some ill-mannered cheap guy. Plus, they have to pay the agency it’s cut, and escort agencies are not like the media likes to portray either. We have several expenses to take care of every day, for example, advertising expenses, taxes, etc. We do pay taxes like every good citizen or business in this country.

You know, there is a large number of female movie stars that you see every day on the television, newspapers and the like who used to work as female escorts, a few years or months ago. And most of these movie stars still want to work as escorts, but they are scared of the negative publicity they will have to go through. You can’t even distinguish between a movie star that worked as an escort a few months earlier and a movie start that is the daughter of some popular billionaire.

The mainstream media likes to portray how dangerous the life of an escort is let me tell you, the life of an escort is as safe as the life of a Fortune 500 company’s CEO or a Senator. The so-called mainstream media likes to mix up escort business with the street prostitution, well, it’s like comparing a group of people sitting on a floor with torn clothes, cooking their food on a wood burning stove with a super-elegant family who only likes to have its food at the world’s finest restaurants.

So I hope that I've been able to give you a deeper insight into the realm of Escorts, and how the industry really works. I look forward to writing more for you! Update: visit big tits pics club for some great adult GIFs.