How To Hire An Escort?

There Are only a few key things that you need to know about hiring an escort.

Number 1:

Make sure you are following the law. Hiring an escort is only legal when you're paying for her time. The whole industry is a time-based industry where you pay per hour, day, or week for your companion's time.

Number 2: 

Is she legal? Make sure that she has the proper identification that states the validity of her stay here. If she is from a different country, that is completely fine, but she has to have some sort of identification.

Number 3: 

If you go through an escort agency, your chances of finding a professional go up dramatically. There are a lot of 'self-hired' escorts, that are very new to the industry, and that can cause you to lose satisfaction if you were expecting someone that has experience.

Number 4: Make sure that you're able to get a background check before hand. Usually, the agency that is hiring the companion will ask for a background check before you can make any interaction with the escort, this is for every party's safety.

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